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Hi, I am Stacey and I am a solo female who travels full time in a 25’ Airstream! I am totally living my dream life right now. I have worked remotely for the majority of my career (social media strategist/photographer/designer) and dreamt of one day living and working from an Airstream. My parents have always pushed me to follow my dreams and truly made my dream come true when they surprised me with an Airstream for Christmas 2 years ago. I’m not much for planning, so within 4 months, I had sold everything that didn’t fit in the Airstream and hit the road. I didn’t have a plan, I just knew I wanted to surf all along the coast from San Diego to Tofino, BC.


Did I say I wasn’t much for planning? Well the reality of this lifestyle is that it takes A LOT of planning. I think that’s something most of us either don’t see coming or ignore? Or maybe that was just me… I guess I just never thought about it. But the idea that living on the road is “pure freedom” is ironic because in my opinion it takes more planning than living in a stationary house. Not only do you have to plan out where you are staying next etc. but every time you roll into a new area you have to look up and plan out how you are getting to the grocery store, to the laundromat, the post office, etc. Basically google maps becomes your best friend and you spend way more time looking stuff up than you probably want. 

The up side to all of that is every day is truly an adventure and that’s something that awakens my soul. I love the unknown and I crave being challenged. It also pays off when you score a sweet spot and can look around and take it all in. One of my most favorite things about this lifestyle is being able to roll up to family and friends homes and be neighbors with them for a few nights. There is truly nothing better! Also, the full time nomad community is incredible. It’s comforting to know that there are others out there who crave the same sort of zest in life that you do. I love that instagram and similar platforms have allowed us to find each other and connect not only online but also in person. 

A few apps I love and recommend for “planning” are AllStays (for campground locating), Waze (for navigation because it also informs you of things in the road etc… very handy when you are pulling a trailer), and inRoute (to inform you of any weather along your route, very handy when you are traveling in the winter and want to avoid storms!).

Despite some of the challenges, this lifestyle is totally all worth it and I absolutely love every second of it. I originally thought I would just do it for a year, and here I am almost 2 years in :) If you even have the slightest itch to do something, I recommend you just go for it. Figure it out along the way… you don’t need a plan ;) Happy travels!




Healthy Road Snacks by @mollyandjonathan

I’m so happy to have Molly + Jonathan on the blog today from @mollyandjonathan. On road trips I struggle with reaching for the healthy gas station snacks + instead grab the less healthy. Today they will share a range of healthy snacks they eat while traveling! Hope you enjoy + make sure to head over to their IG account. They will also be launching their website soon!


When most people hear Road Trip, they think chips, candy, soda, fast food and trash everywhere. Well, now that our life is one giant road trip, that kind of food won’t really work for our budget or our bellies. Sometimes, it’s not just a few hours traveling, it’s all day! So road trips now have to encompass a wide range of meals and snacks.

We have had to get pretty creative since we tend to eat when we’re bored. Not that we don’t love each other’s company confined in a small space for eight hours at a time, but food can really break up a drive. So the trick is, over pack the snacks! We find ourselves reaching for food about every hour, despite how hungry we actually are. The more variety and options we’ve packed, the less likely we are to buy a candy bar at the next gas station.  

Some of our favorite snacks include:

  • Fruit - Our go-to’s are apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, cut cantaloupe

  • Cut Vegetables - Our favorites for the road are cucumber, carrot, peppers

  • Avocado - We cut ours in half, add a little salt and put it back together before we hit the road, bring a spoon to eat this one!

  • Dried Fruit - We love dried pineapple and mango

  • Nuts - All of them!

  • Trail Mix  - See, we’re not monsters, we included chocolate!

  • Granola Bars - Bring a variety of flavors

  • Kettle Chips - A little indulgence is okay

  • Rice Cakes w/ Almond Butter - Bring a bag of rice cakes, a jar of almond butter and a knife

  • Seaweed Snacks - These snacks are awesome for flavor, we love the wasabi kind

  • Rice Bowls - Just throw some rice, veggies, and sauce in a jar, don’t forget your spoon!

  • Leftovers from dinner - if it doesn’t need a knife, bring it!

We are not exaggerating when we say we will bring EVERYTHING listed above for a full day drive. We mean ALL the different kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, granola bars… yeah, everything. We go through a multitude of cravings - sometimes we want something sweet, salty, crunchy, filling - and if we don’t have it on hand, boredom will drive us to buy it!

We also try our best to be mindful about the waste consumption, so we attempt to buy as limited packaging and plastic as possible. We don’t use plastic bags to hold fruit and veggies at the grocery store, we buy our dried fruits and nuts in bulk, and we make our own trail mix. In the car, we use a cooler and store items in glass jars, stasher bags, cotton bulk bags, thermoses, and canvas lunch bags to keep things fresh. We don’t use paper towels or napkins, so we bring a few of our rags to keep us neat and presentable. Don’t forget to bring cutlery and be aware - the person riding shotgun may have to feed the driver!

We are Molly and Jonathan, our health and happiness is living tiny, eating good food, practicing mindfulness, having adventures and chasing joy! Molly is an online professor, website consultant and yoga teacher. Jonathan is a chef, park ranger, and teacher. We travel the country in our 19’ travel trailer with our two dogs! Follow us at @mollyandjonathan and soon check our website for tiny living adventures, recipes, zero waste tips, and yoga flows and meditations.

Molly + Jonathan’s IG: HERE

Molly’s IG: HERE