October Shout Out

Yay, our first monthly shout out! The point of this monthly post is to highlight some amazing accounts on IG! If you aren’t already following these accounts below you should!

-Steady Streamin’ Cashio’s


Hi! We are Stef and Chad from Touring Tastebuds! We live in our renovated 1977 Airstream Argosy and have been traveling around the West Coast for the last few months. We visited 17 states, 10 National Parks over a total of 10,000 miles and it was the trip of a lifetime! We are passionate about a lot of things, but we absolutely love all things travel, adventure and of course, food! We always compliment a hike with a great meal or travel to new places and try all of their local favorites. We also just love spending time in our tiny home with our cat, Ace, and our dog, Millie! We have lots of trips to come, and would love for you to follow along!

Instagram: @touringtastebuds | Twitter: @touringtastebud | |


Kate, a motherhood coach, and her musician husband, Kirk, travel full-time in a Lance 2185 with their three kiddos ages 7, 4, and 18 months. After years of working constantly and feeling burnt-out by home ownership and a lack of travel, they sold their home and hit the road in March 2018. Since heading out on their journey, they have whale watched in Monterey, splashed in waterfalls and rivers, dipped toes in both the Pacific and Atlantic, and gotten lost (in the best sort of way) too many times to count. The simple lifestyle has allowed them to connect more deeply as a family and prioritize experiences over things.

You can connect with Kate at and listen to Kirk's music at or follow them on Instagram @thestreamlinedlife

(Side note: Mommas, go check out her amazing podcast -> HERE )

We are Nathalie, Louis, and Parker (#theadventurepup). A year and a half ago we renovated our 120 sq. foot Airstream into an off-grid, traveling home. We are always on the move, driving 15,000 miles since moving in and eager to explore many thousand more.


We are a couple of Texans in our Winnebago Minnie Plus making our way out West. The travelers are my husband Matt and our 2 goldendoodles, June & Cash. We’ve gone as far North as Jasper, Canada and are now headed down the Western Coast. Our goal when we started this trip was to take a 2 month road trip and hit as many National Parks and wine regions as we could. Well 2 months turned into 3 and now here we are at 4! By the end of this trip we will have visited at least 26 National Parks! 



Hey guys! My name is Kirsten and my husbands name is Devin and we are Fifthwheel living. It all started when we decided we wanted to move to Nashville. The downside was we didn’t know the area well enough to buy a home and after we priced rent, it just wasn’t worth losing that much money a month. Devin came across a video of a couple living in a Fifthwheel that they remodeled, I instantly fell inlove and we made a decision to go for it! We did some shopping, remodeling and here we are today. Living tiny, saving money, investing our hard earned cash and enjoying Nashville.


Hope you enjoyed this months shout outs, if you want to be featured on an upcoming shout out, reach out to us here on IG!

How to Make Friends on Social Media

When we started our first renovation I decided to start an instagram account, because none of my personal friends were interested in me spamming my personal account with renovation pictures. Well even though I’m in the millennial generation I didn’t know any of the “how to grow on Instagram secrets”. I literally posted random renovation shots whenever and didn't even know how to use a hashtag. I remember when my account grew to 100 followers I was floored, like what? There’s other people on here that want to see an Airstream Renovation?! Then I stumbled across @themayesteam account and they were having an IG course with all the juicy secrets of IG. I asked Zach if he thought I should sign up and he said sure why not? I had just transitioned from being a salon owner & hairdresser to being a stay at home mom. I took their course and was blown away. Mainly because I began to realize just how large the tiny living community is! I didn’t realize how many people actually travel around full time in RVs'/buses etc. If you are looking for a good landing space on how to grow I definitely recommend their course. Something I took away from their class was how IG is such a good virtual community. I actually thought it was kind of silly that people had “virtual friends”, but once I got over that and started reaching out to fellow tiny living community members I realized just how amazing it was! I’ll be honest though, it was intimidating reaching out to others. But, as time went on it got easier and easier. I recommend starting with similar accounts to yours and just reach out & start a conversation! Our goal for this blog is to share others in this community and tips & tricks they’ve learned! In this post I’m going to share some of our IG friends that we love following to see their journey. I hope you enjoy them! Along with guest posts we are going to have a monthly “shout out” post of checking out other tiny home / travel families. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! Our first guest post will be next week from @rvfixerupper!

First, I’ll showcase @themayesteam

Gabriel & Debbie have 4 cute kids and live on their amazing converted school bus. As you read before they have an IG course, go check out their website & IG for more information! Click here ->


They were one of the first Airstream traveling families we came across & I fell in love with their family! Their feed is all about tiny living, family time, & adventures. I love how active they are with their crew and it gave me hope seeing how successful they are as a full-time traveling family with 4 kids! Not to mention they pick the coolest spots to boondock! Go check out their new boondocking challenge here ->


I’m so thankful we met this cute little family & will hopefully meet in person soon considering they live in the state we are from, Louisiana. They are about to move into a cute renovated Airstream mammoth, a beastly 34 footer. ->


These guys have renovated a motorhome, Airstream, and just bought a huge 5th wheel! I love their style & cute kiddos! They too are a traveling family. Check out Mae’s blog here ->


I love how bright & airy this adorable mommas RV is! They live in SoCal with their adorable kids! ->