The Pop Up Bed & Breakfast by @us3andtherv

I’m so excited to share with you Kelly & Andy from @us3andtherv. I love following along their travels and i’m in LOVE with their latest business venture, @thepopupbnb! I think you’ll love it just as much as we do. I mean who wouldn’t want to stay in this cute tent & have top notch service?!


So the idea to start a full-service, glamping tent rental really came to us the same way the idea to live full-time, on the road in an RV did, out of pure necessity.  With the motorhome, we had hit a fork in the road as far as our careers and housing. At the time we were in a short-term rental that had run out and on the exact same day in which we were suppose to vacate the apartment or sign a new lease I found out I was being let go from my job.  Also happening at this time was the passing of my grandfather, who was the original owner of our RV, who we affectionately call “Homie”.  With no careers holding us back, no mortgage or lease keeping us stationary and the RV suddenly becoming available for purchase the signs all pointed to this solution.  Moving into the motorhome just seemed like the most logical solution and since we had just been married (and had not booked a honeymoon yet) we decided this would be the perfect time to do it!  So, without hesitation we sold our belongings and jumped into this full-time RV life head first.

We had been living in the motorhome for just over 1 year when the idea to start a glamping business came to us.  We had hosted a whole slew of friends and families coming to visit us on our travels and it didn’t take long to realize fitting extra bodies in a 33ft motorhome would be quite a struggle.  Our Homie girl is spacious but her limits have definitely been tested with our large gatherings, so we wanted to figure out something that would act as an extension of the motorhome.  Something that would solve our problem of not being able to comfortably host our visitors while also solving a completely separate problem of needing to generate income while traveling.  To be honest our first thought was a mobile vintage trailer that we could possibly tow behind the RV, but that just seemed like a lot more work than we were wanting to put into this idea.  It wasn’t until we were on a camping trip with some friends in Zion that we got our first glimpse of a CanvasCamp Bell Tent.  Our friends had one and we watched them set it up with ease and instantly knew, this would be the best solution to meet all of our needs.

Just like Homie, we purchased our 13.5 ft, all season, CanvasCamp Glamping tent to solve the issue of housing out of town friends and family but we also saw a potential income opportunity.  Insert ‘The Pop-Up BnB’, a full-service luxury camping experience.  Our love for camping in exotic places combined with the thrill of searching for those perfectly secluded sites really made us wish we had other people there to share it with.  We have stayed in some magnificently, breathtaking locations and we wanted to share that same magical feeling with other people.  Sometimes our guests have their own spots picked out that they would like their camp setup at and other times our guests solely rely on us to find them a spot that meets their needs.  No matter where the location they can ensure a care free, over the top, luxurious stay.  Our guests have hot meals delivered to their tent site, plush bedding, heaters and fans for temperature control and a plethora of add-on items to choose from, such as our “outdoor movie-night package”.  We want our guests to show up and relax, never having to lift a finger. So we do everything in our power to make that happen and so far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  

Although this success has been wonderful and we feel extremely blessed, we still have a whole slew of hardships to tackle with this tent business.  Growing pains at any new startup are common and we are no different.  One of the biggest issues we have to continually tackle is the need for a large, open (and ideally flat) clearing to fit our tents 20 ft diameter.  Nature is not always so friendly in providing us with a perfect area, so we work with what is there and are continually coming up with ways to improve this issue.  Another battle to tackle in trying to run a glamorous camping experience in nature is dealing with the elements.  We don’t always have the best weather, so if it means setting the tent up in pouring rain, we do it.  We do our best to relay to our guests that this is a true camping experience and as such they could incur inclement weather in which they would be stuck inside the tent rather than exploring the area, like they had intended.  So far, our wonderful guests have rolled with every element and made the best out of the situation.  Which totally speaks to their rad personalities, but then again, if you book an overnight stay at a mobile tent in the middle of a secluded forest then you have to be pretty rad in the first place.  We have hosted bachelorette parties, romantic getaways, kids’ birthday parties and single travelers just looking for a “once in a lifetime” experience.  We hope to grow our business in 2019, though we are not entirely sure of what that looks like right now. I’m confident it will be unique and totally off beat, so stay tuned!




Meet @RVFIXERUPPER | Steve and Trina

I am so excited to have our first guest post on our website! Thanks so much for the support. I can’t wait for you to hear from Trina @rvfixerupper. If you haven’t stumbled upon her Instagram you need to! How she transforms RVs is a work of art! Absolutely stunning! Without further ado here she is ->

RV Renovation

Steve and I (Trina) have been together for 9 years and married for 7 years.  We are both born and raised in Alaska and have lived in Phoenix for 5 years.  Steve's background is in road construction and for the first 3 years we lived in Phoenix, we traveled back to Alaska for his job during the summers.  The "season" runs from May until October and then shuts down for the year because of freeze up.  That was the beginning of our journey of living tiny.  We had a 32 ft. travel trailer that we lived in so Steve could be mobile with his job.  I started to look at our RV so differently because for those months it was our "home."  I slowly started removing things that felt like an RV (wallpaper border, ugly bedding, ugly pillows, etc.) and began adding things like lamps, art, and beautiful bedding.  It was amazing the way it changed the entire feel of the trailer.  

renovated rv bathroom

Rewind to last year...we love to camp and decided we wanted to buy another RV to camp in with our family.  We knew we wanted a fifth wheel, as I love the high ceilings and Steve loves the maneuverability of them.  We found one that had the perfect floor plan!  The only problem was everything that was inside of it was awful!  We gutted the whole thing and replaced everything with things I would put in a sticks and bricks home.  There weren't many people out there that had done an RV renovation at this level, so there wasn't a lot of information on the internet or Instagram to draw from.  Our background is in construction and design so we applied those skills to the RV and we were very happy with the result.  We started showing people the RV and the response was incredible!  We knew the only way to find out if there was a market for renovated RV's was to test the market, so we put our RV up for sale and it sold.  We had several people contact us about wanting more information on the process of flipping them as they were also interested in flipping. In the last year, it has really exploded as more and more people are choosing to live tiny in RV's.  I love answering people's questions and helping them through the renovation process as it usually ends up being a lot more work than people anticipate.  RV's present challenges that sticks and bricks homes don't, that's probably why I love designing and renovating them so much! They start out so horrible (no matter what year they are) and end up being GORGEOUS! 

modern rv renovation

One of the most difficult things for us in the renovation process is battling the Phoenix heat in the summer.  Ideally, we hope to get to the point where we only renovate in the fall and winter and take the summer to explore the country in our own RV.  My advice to anyone wanting to renovate an RV is hire out the painting!  You'll be so glad you did.

We are excited to be a part of the tiny home community, it's a special group of people that look at life a little bit differently than mainstream America.  Transforming these RV's into beautiful tiny homes that people can live in full time or camp in on the weekends is really special.  I love showing people that you don't have to have a sticks and bricks house to be able to make it your own and make it a home you're really proud of to share with your friends and family.


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