Cashio Family


Hey Friends,

We are the Cashio’s from @steadystreamincashios. We created this website as a place for adventure lovers, tiny home dwellers, and a place to spotlight people living life an “unconventional way”! We started this journey with a love for Airstreams, but never thought we could ever live full-time in less than 200 sq ft. Further into renovation we felt called to step out in faith & move into our renovated Airstream. We then decided to make a career change & do this as our jobs. Tiny living doesn’t solve your problems, but it really helped us put into perspective WHAT our goals in life were & HOW to achieve them. Tiny living isn’t always easy either. There are days when its storming and entering inside brings a monsoon of rain and loads of muck. But cleaning is quick and simple. Vacuuming takes 1/5 of the time it did before. Sure we are always running into each other, but this keeps us all involved in each other constantly. As for making a living, Zach is the muscles to our builds with experience in anything power tools, welding, and woodworking, etc. Colleen is a hairdresser turned homemaker and designs the projects. Ezra and Harvey love to help dada with the builds, make messes with tools and Luna tries to stay far away from loud tools. We are hoping to soon find adventure on the road and would love to run into you all. So follow along and make sure to subscribe!

Stay Steady,

XO The Cashio’s