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So while I love my Nikon camera and use it to take pictures of my family, it’s not easily accessible nor is it easy to carry around. We love to go on hikes and by the time we have two kids strapped to us, accessories for the hike, and Luna on a leash our hands, backs, backpacks are full. Thats why I love taking pictures with my iPhone. The quality is great. I always have it close by, and its easy to transport. I bought my first fisheye lens iPhone accessory off Amazon and was not impressed with the quality, but I loved the idea of taking my iPhone pictures to the next level.

I don’t remember how I stumbled across Moment, but i’m sure it was on IG. When I saw the quality of their lens I knew I had to try it. The first lens I ordered was their super fish lens and wow, it did not disappoint.

iPhone Photography hiking outdoors blog.jpg

Pinnacle Mountain, Little Rock, AR shot with Moments Super Fish Lens

Since then I have added a few more lenses to my collection and wanted to show you a comparison of the different Moment lenses. They are available for phones other than iPhones also. It’s a great way to step up your picture game! With all Moment lenses you have to attach it to their specific phone case!

Here is Moments Macro Lens. When I first ordered this lens I questioned myself if I would actually use it enough, considering you have to get VERY close to your subject. But Zach & I have had SO much fun with this lens! It really lets you see things you wouldn’t see unless you look REALLY close. If you get this lens, I recommend taking a close-up picture of your eye! Seeing the iris of your eye up close is stunning!

We took these pictures using our Moment Macro Lens. Click here to shop at Moment and receive 10% off! -> CLICK

Next I’m going to show you the difference in my normal iPhone X with no lens, then with Moment’s Wide Angle, & Moment’s Superfish lens.

I stood in the exact same spot with my phone and Zach changed out the lenses so I didn’t have to change the position of my phone. From left to right iPhone X no lens, Wide Lens, Superfish Lens. It’s really crazy how adding different lenses transforms your pictures!

The Superfish lens gives you the look of a GoPro without carrying an extra camera around. It also works on videos (see most of our videos on our YouTube channel to experience the visual quality). Not every picture or video is needed/wanted in Superfish because of its ability to show a “panoramic” view, hence why we also acquired the Wide lens. Its a great, quality lens that helps to not show ALL of the surroundings while allowing you to be far from your subject.

As you can see, having these lenses in your repertoire is quite useful. We hate when we leave home without them!

Try them for yourself here!

Click here to check out all of Moments lenses and accessories, by using this link you’ll receive 10% off -> CLICK HERE

Stay tuned, i’m going to be adding a video to our YouTube channel about these lenses!

XO The Cashio’s

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