Gulf Shores, AL is one of our favorite beaches just because it has a lot of fun activities + it’s the closet- decent beach to us! It’s 9.5 hours away, which is never a fun car ride with kids! On our way we stopped twice for the kids to stretch their legs + eat. As soon as we arrived at the beach Zach started unloading while the kids + I ran to the beach. This was Ezra’s second time at the beach + Harvey’s first out of my tummy. It was a rainy trip, but it was nice to have overcast skies with kids! The kids had a blast playing in the sand + Ezra’s favorite thing was to build caves for his Dinos.

We brought food to make at the condo, but we did venture out to Picnic Beach, which was new from being there last year. We went back three more times, because the food was so amazing + fresh. http://www.picnicbeach.com Our favorites were the tuna poke bowl, bison burger, brisket bowl, chopped salad w/ salmon, bbq beans, + sweet potato fries. The gulf punch detox drink was AMAZING! This place is a must if you’re in Gulf Shores. 

Our next favorite place in Gulf Shores is Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. It is such a nice zoo + our favorite part of it is getting to do the kangaroo + lemur experience. The kids absolutely LOVE it! http://www.alabamagulfcoastzoo.org 

We visited Adventure Island arcade + omg the kids AND Zach had a blast! https://www.adventure-island.com 

Up next we visited Gulf State Park Pier. The kids loved running down the pier! Someone let the kids touch the fish + crabs they caught.

We rode bikes twice + it was so nice riding on flat ground. I love riding in Arkansas, but its more of a workout than enjoyment. We rode a 7 mile loop at the Gulf State Park + rode all around our condo. It was so fun!

gulf shores al.jpg

We decided to take the kids to play putt-putt golf, but didn’t want to go to a popular place since we knew it would be a disaster with the kids. They had the best time + it was nice going to a place less crowded because we could go as slow as we wanted/needed! https://www.shrimpysgulfshores.com

The last night we ventured to Orange Beach for a wedding at Cobalt, The Restaurant. It was such a nice environment with great food! https://www.cobaltrestaurant.net

We made a daily vlog during our trip, here's the link to check it out!

DAY 1 - https://youtu.be/opGAf_6mL9I

DAY 2 -https://youtu.be/Sd-gozSWbqk

DAY 3- https://youtu.be/NoCAZDgKRHU

DAY 4 - https://youtu.be/hDif8Co9-YE

DAY 5 -https://youtu.be/3re8h7IterI

DAY 6- https://youtu.be/-19UDGQmv-8

And below is a full recap, not day to day! 

Hope you enjoy the slideshow below of random pictures from the beach!

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Branson, Missouri | The Extended Stay

We had a blast exploring Branson this past weekend. Our original plan was to stay one night + attend the hot air balloon festival, but at the last minute it got canceled. I was so bummed, but we ended up having a blast anyways. We extended our stay an extra two nights and marked a ton of things off our list to do. Hope you enjoy our recap video! We can’t wait to go back! Below the video I’ll have a break down of what we did each day. Also, I got a huge response on instagram asking if going forward everyone would like me to break down how much we spent so they could see what all we got to do for how much. I understand some people are weird about sharing money, but I have no problem with it. My hope is sharing people will see that you can go and have a fun time no matter how much you spend. Pick one or two splurges you want to do on a trip and try to save money where you can.

Trip break down - *Please note, I'm not including gas getting there OR hotel expenses. Just because everyone could be traveling from a different location and you can spend as much or as little as you want on lodging. We normally love to find VRBO or AirBnB, but we went with a hotel this time just because we used points on the room. Also, Harvey being one years old means normally he’s free on excursions and Ezra being 3 means he’s a lower price than adults. Just to keep in mind.

Day 1:

Day 1 total: $162

Day 2:

Day 2 total: $296

Day 3:

    • LUNCH: $50 | Cantina again, it’s always yummy + Ezra wanted to build another car when Granny came to town.

    • TRAIN RIDE: $75 | https://www.bransontrain.com (so fun, but IMO only worth it during the fall when the leaves are pretty. If you do this ask us about the best seats/car for the ride.)

    • ICE CREAM: $18 | https://www.kilwins.com This is our favorite ice cream place EVER

    • ARCADE: $10 | https://arcadecity.com such a cool place!

    • DINNER: $24 | We were super tired of fighting kids at restaurants so we chose Chick-fil-A + brought it to the hotel room.

Day 3 total: $177

Day 4:

On our way home we stopped in Springfield to check out a possible new project and ate at the best place for lunch.

And as always with any trip you could come here and spend way more or way less! This is just what we did just to give you an idea of what all we got to do. Since we stayed at a hotel we ate breakfast there every morning + got coffee from there so that was an area we were able to save money!

Let me know if you enjoyed this break down + if you want us to keep doing it for future trips